Martinsville Winter Guard’s Community Performance

March 18, 2016

IMG_8651On March 18th, all of the Martinsville Colorguard groups will be having a free community performance (donations accepted) on what they have been working on this season. Come out and see all the hard work they have put in at West Middle School at 6:30pm. All three groups will perform consecutively, beginning with the cadet group’s, “There’s no place like home”. The show is based
off of the movie “The Wizard of Oz” and has upbeat music that will hopefully give you a happy feel. After the cadet performance, the Junior Varsity guard will be performing their show, “Take Over”. The ruling the world scene gives the audience an intense show that will give you chills. Finally, the Varsity group will be presenting their show “Waiting”. The show is slow and very meaningful. It is about waiting for someone to arrive, but not knowing if they will show up. The show is meant to be interpreted in several ways. If you have any free time come out and support the Martinsville ColorGuard groups.

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