May 4, 2016

With the introduction of the patio, several students are losing the area they have eaten in since they became a Martinsville High School student: the Well.

The Well has been replaced by the outside eating area, and a lot of students who used to sit at the Well feel pretty strongly about this new arrangement.

Junior Korinne Littell has been eating in the Well since freshman year. “I know people who struggle with anxiety, and they need to sit [in the Well] because the lunchroom is too hectic for them.”

Sophomore Kay Davis also knows people who can’t sit in the lunchroom. “My best friend has social anxiety and she can’t handle a lot of people, so being in the Well is better for her.”

Freshman Wyatt Rynard himself has social anxiety. “I find the thought of losing The Well horrifying. I go there because I don’t like the cafeteria. There are too many people and it freaks me out. I don’t know what to expect.”

There are other students who dislike the aspect of losing The Well for different reasons than social anxiety.

Sophomore Hannah Price likes the quiet, temperate atmosphere. “When it rains, we’ll all be crammed into the cafeteria, and The Well is quieter.”

This unpredictable midwest weather will make it so that the students will never know when they can or cannot sit outside.

Freshman Nolan Gregory is concerned about spacing. “I don’t really like it. I feel like there’s a lot more room in the Well.”

With all the people who will be eating outside, it will definitely start to feel crowded.

Junior Jessica McKowen, however, thinks the patio is a good idea. “I think it opens up a lot more opportunities for us to get outside. But then again, it closes the option that a lot of kids depend on because you can only fit so many people outside. But overall, for me, I like the idea.”

Many former well-sitters feel negatively about the removal of The Well, but we’ll just have to wait and see what good can come from it.


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