Start With a Step (Phantom Regiment)

Being one of the professionals. Doesn’t that sound great? Being the best at the thing you love the most is the dream we are all constantly chasing. Well, for this group of professionals, their dreams are mixed with hard work, sleepless nights, and a dedication more powerful than some might ever feel in their life; that dream became a reality.

The Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps is a musical organization in the World Class division. The Regiment practices five to six days a week, eleven hours a day all summer all over the country.  With being on the road for such long periods of time, the organization will sometimes stay at a chosen school that is given the honor of hosting the respectable musicians.

“It’s really awesome for the kids to get to have the opportunity to have them here on our campus for a week,” said Adrian Hartsough, conductor of the band at Martinsville High School. “It’s an opportunity that is sought after.”

Throughout the summer, Phantom Regiment would stay only a night or two at some places, but lucky for MHS, the World Championship took place in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.  

“No one in my high school ever did drum corps,” said Regiment member Daniel. “I just started watching videos on YouTube, and I fell in love with it.”

Getting involved in the music organization is more of a commitment than one may think. Not only do you have to be steadfast in practices, but you also have to have faith in the people who are on the same ride.

“The vibe varies throughout the summer,” said trumpet player Owen. “Obviously there are high times and low times. Right now, a lot of us are sick, but there are a lot of good times. Going out and performing…there’s nothing quite like that.”

Not only did Phantom Regiment benefit their own performance, but it also benefited the attitude of the MHS band. “It was really cool to see a professional marching band compared to our high school band,” said MHS band member Ashley Wells. “It meant a lot to see how they practiced and how they performed. It was really inspiring and made us work harder.”

The Phantom Regiment unfortunately did not win first place in the Drum Corps World Championship, but the group was a first-time World Class finalists.  The Regiment may have not taken home the gold, but they prove to show how far dedication, passion, and friendship can go.