Debate Drama

October 24, 2016

Reality television can be quite addicting. Between the Kardashians and the Little Women of LA, people all over the country can watch the flashy drama take place on screen. Now, when the chaos is taking place in a grandiose mansion in the hills where people blow their nose into 20 dollar bills, it can be a comical and mind numbing distraction from everyday life. But how do we feel about that kind of behavior moving into the White House?jianni-memehhhhhh

During the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on September 26, the 84 million viewers were probably curious if they had turned on the right channel. Isn’t a presidential debate supposed to be civilized? Aren’t the two presidential candidates supposed to be focused on supporting their claims on how they’re going to benefit our nation rather than taking personal stabs at their opponent?

We might as well have been watching Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift duke it out over Instagram, because petty remarks and verbal toupee snatching was flying all over the place. When Mrs. Clinton made a claim saying that Mr. Trump supported the invasion of Iraq, he [Trump] only had one word come to mind and that was the word “wrong” which he interrupted her with… several times. He also goes on to stigmatize hackers as people who weigh 400 pounds, while falsely accusing Hillary Clinton of questioning if Obama was an American citizen. Along with answering every question with “jobs are fleeing our country”, Trump found numerous ways to secure him a place on the next season of “The Real Housewives of LA.”

With that being said, Trump wasn’t the only one who rocked the country-sized boat. Hillary Clinton was not exactly the epitome of professionalism that fateful night. Between Clinton’s eyerolls and pointing out what some may see as personality flaws in Donald Trump, I couldn’t tell if I was listening to a Secretary of State or an angry teenage girl. She, too, assumed that by speaking over her opponent, she would sound more educated. Clinton, trying to find a hip, cool name that the kids today would love, described Trump’s policies, referred to the process as “Trumped up, trickle down.” It’s a  nickname that she came up with that many viewers saw as ridiculous.

In fact, after the debate, some new twitter trends were made. #trumpsniffle trended nationwide along with other hashtags that achieved nothing other than reminding us that this debate is, in fact, a joke. I’m not sure about you, but after I watch a presidential debate, I would hope that some more important issues are being talked about rather than Donald Trump sniffling and Hillary Clinton’s eyes rolling into the back of her skull. When two of our potential leaders are being compared to Hitler or being called the Queen of Memes, it strikes a little bit of fear in the core of our nation.

Like every television show, the season will come to an end. The end date for this season happens to be Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Whatever the outcome may be, we can be sure that  the craziness will have just begun.


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  1. Madelyn Guinn on October 25th, 2016 8:19 am


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