Starbucks’ Secret Creations

October 31, 2016

Regardless of age, size, gender, or occupation, most people in America have been to Starbucks Coffee at least once. For those people who go on a regular basis, the menu may get a little old: cold brew coffees, basic frappuccinos, and flavored teas. There are many delicious creations you can get at Starbucks for the same price that, well, are not on the menu. After experimenting with syrups and flavors, a list has came together of the top 10 must try off-the-menu drinks you can take home from one of America’s favorite coffee shops.

1. The Pink Drink

Ever had a Strawberry Acai refresher? Add a daring twist to this drink and get the water replaced with coconut milk. You will not regret it! The result is a smooth, refreshing strawberry milk that your sweet tooth has been waiting for.

2. The Coffee Lover’s Chocolate Bar

You can get a coffee frappuccino that tastes like a super sweetened iced coffee. Why stop the caffeine intake there? Ask for a coffee frappuccino with a shot (or five) of espresso, and add in “frap chips” (chocolate chips). Satisfy your sweet tooth and get your energy for the day at the same time.

3. Frozen Fruity Tea

Although the bright green frappuccino already has a very impactful flavor, you can pipe up a green tea frappe by adding peach, mango, or raspberry syrup in place of the classic sweetener to enjoy a refreshing frozen fruity tea beverage.

4. Banana Nut Bread

Why not make one of America’s favorite baked goods into a cold icy beverage? By getting a hazelnut frappuccino, blending in a whole banana, and getting extra caramel drizzle on top, you can enjoy this sweet treat any day, any time.

5. Chocolate Covered Strawberry

For an easy way to achieve the perfect balance between chocolatey and fruity flavors, ask your barista for a strawberries & cream frappuccino with extra chocolate drizzle on top and “frap chips” blended in. You won’t regret this sweet sensation.

6. Not So Strong Iced Coffee

Many people prefer flavors and sweeteners in your coffee instead of taking it completely black. Get your coffee fix by ordering an iced cold brew coffee with coconut milk instead of dairy milk or creamer and add 5-10 pumps of your designated flavor (depending on how strong you want the coffee flavor to seep through) such as caramel, mocha, or white chocolate mocha. Stir it up and enjoy your sweetened up drink.

7. Newfound Nutella

To get the delight of the creamy chocolate hazelnut spread while also enjoying an icy frappe, ask your barista to make a hazelnut frappuccino with 3-6 pumps of chocolate syrup , and top the frappe off with extra chocolate drizzle. There is no denying this dreamy drink.

8. Cookies N Cream Concoction

Ever had any of those limited edition flavored Oreos? You can recreate your favorite limited edition flavor by ordering a white chocolate frappuccino with “frap chips” and request to add in your favorite syrup flavors, such as a raspberry syrup, caramel syrup, or a peppermint syrup. Take the risk; you will enjoy your Oreo remix.

9. Peppermint Patty Please

If you like any sort of minty chocolate dessert, you will love peppermint patty coffee. Served on ice or hot, order coffee with nonfat milk (acting as creamer), 2-6 pumps of peppermint syrup, and 2-6 pumps of mocha syrup. As a frappe, you can enjoy this creation by ordering a mocha frappe with peppermint syrup added. Top off your beverage with extra chocolate drizzle and enjoy.

10. Arnold Palmer’s Wife

If you like Arnold Palmer (the drink), you would love this fruity meets tea combination. Order half tea (your preference of green, sweet, or unsweetened), half lemonade, and 2-6 pumps of strawberry syrup. Ask your barista to finish the drink off with the strawberry inclusions (the ones typically in strawberry acai refreshers) and drink up.

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