Security Doors

October 31, 2016

As many MHS students have probably noticed, there are new doors in the front entrance. The doors paralleling the athletic trophy case seem to have sprung out of nowhere without any previous announcement made, and most students are likely wondering why they are there.

Mr. Jesse Burgess, the assistant principal, thinks that the installation of the new doors will not only provide a place for students who arrive to school early to stay warm, but they will also stop random people from wandering the school without proper authorization.

“There are some students who get dropped off early…” said Burgess. “The new doors allow them to come in the front lobby without being free to roam.” The new doors will also make it so that people who are buzzed in have to go through the front office. “We just have people who come in and go to the right or left without coming into the office,” said Burgess. Now people who enter the school must sign in and be sent where they need to go.

According to Burgess, some students have said that they feel like the school resembles a prison with the new security measures. “We are always trying to provide ways to make it more safe for our students and staff without being too burdensome,” Burgess said. With new security measures being put in through security-specific grants provided to the school, MHS can be a safe place for students to learn without fear.


Don’t worry, the doors aren’t going to be gray forever. Since they’re brand new, they only have paint primer on them right now, but they will be painted based on a random survey soon.

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