Fall Fashion Must Haves

November 1, 2016

Fall is upon us, and with that comes the fashion trends of the season.

1. Boots

    With the season of sandals behind us, boots become a staple item of fall fashion. The styles range from ankle to knee high, and colors vary from neutral to bold. Regardless of the style or color, these shoes can be paired with any outfit. To add to the fall look, boot cuffs, or tall socks that peek over the top of the boot, can be added to your outfit. From a cozy sweater and jeans to a dress accompanied by a scarf, boots prove to be the perfect final touch to your fall outfit of the day.

2. Scarfs

   Scarves seem to grace the necks of many during the fall season.  With both neutral and bold colors along with simple and intricate designs, scarves open a whole new door in the world of fashion. Whether a scarf is paired with a cardigan or a simple t-shirt, they always seem to have the power to pull an outfit together.  

3.  Vests

  Vests have made a comeback in fashion. There is a wide variety of vests, ranging from fleece to quilted. Pairing a vest with your sweater and distressed jeans or a little black dress can make the perfect fall outfit.

4. Boot Cuffs

    Boot cuffs, also known as boot socks, are worn to accompany boots. The fabric of the cuff peeks over the top of the boot, and the cuffs range from actual socks to sleeves.

5. Flannels

    Coming in an assortment of colors, flannels are a must have piece for fall. Flannels can be worn around the waist, buttoned up, or over a graphic tee. When it comes to styling a flannel, the possibilities are endless.

6. Jean jackets

    Denim on denim is back and powerful as ever. Jean jackets are being worn left and right, and can be dressed both up and down. Jean jackets are essential in fall fashion.

7. Sweaters

    The best time to wear a striped sweater is during the fall. Fall is the season of cozy sweaters of all patterns. Sweaters are a perfect, comfortable option for an outfit.

8. Army green trench coats

    Army green trench coats have recently gained popularity and can be seen left and right during the fall. Surprisingly, the unique shade of green seems to pair with almost any outfit.

9. Cardigans

    Much like sweaters, cardigans are cozy, comfortable, and perfect for fall. At times this piece is viewed as prim and proper; however, the cardigan has become a multipurpose article of clothing for layering during the colder months.

10. Distressed Jeans

    Distressed jeans add something extra to a look that normal denim can’t. Whether you’re going for a dressed up or dressed down look, distressed jeans always come in handy.


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