Autumnal Destinations in Indiana

November 4, 2016

A cool wind blows orange and brown leaves past you while you sit outside in a cozy sweater and carve pumpkins with your family. One great thing about the Midwest is that we experience seasons to their fullest. Winters are cold and snowy, summers are hot and humid, spring is mild and green, and fall is perfectly chilly and colorful. As the overwhelming heat from the summer dies down, the leaves begin to fall. It’s a great time to go out and about to experience the many fun festivities of fall. Various places in Indiana have autumnal events and festivals that are too good to pass up this time of year.

Two popular basic ingredients for fall time dishes are apples and pumpkins. Homemade pie, cinnamon apple sauce, roasted pumpkin seeds, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes are all appreciated this time of year. Celebrate autumn by going to Anderson Apple Orchard, Appleworks, or another nearby orchard to pick apples and choose pumpkins for fall festivities like cooking and decorating. Fresh produce from local orchards are usually tastier than fruits and vegetables bought from the store, and it’s fun to make a day out of it to enjoy the weather. Fresh caramel apples, apple cider, and pumpkin rolls for sale at Anderson make it a worthwhile trip.

The Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County is known as the largest Indiana festival. Each area of the county during the ten-day-long festival holds different food, objects, and entertainment available for purchase. Around the bridge called Mecca, mostly hand-made items are for sale, and the Historic Ritz Theater in Rockville holds performances during this time. Quakers in Bloomingdale sell homemade apple butter; in Tangier they sell pies and the crown jewel of the festival, buried beef (which actually is cooked in the ground).

Brown County is one of the best places to experience fall. The state park is filled with colorful trees and space for adventures. Enjoy nature while camping out, riding horses, fishing, or hiking through the hills, creeks, and leaves. The small town of Nashville is home to many cute destinations. Unique shops and restaurants for books, clothes, home furnishings, ice cream, frozen yogurt, coffee, tea, and pizza fill the streets. Visit the Brown County Antique Mall, Brown County Art Guild, Melchior Marionettes, or eXplore Brown County (home to ziplining, paintball, and more).

Nappanee is another small town worth visiting that is enriched with Amish culture. There are different things to do around the city that all reflect the population of Amish farmers. The Amish Acres (a popular tourist destination in the town) features hearty, homemade foods and multiple shops that sell traditional keepsakes. There is also a huge building called the Round Barn Theatre that is home to a different show every month. The whole atmosphere of the town calls for a calm and reverent appreciation of the Amish way of life. A trip to Nappanee definitely would be a relaxation-oriented outing to experience the fall harvest cooking traditions.

Autumn is full of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful leaves, cool temperatures, and fall harvest while getting familiar with the people and scenery in Indiana.

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