Guidance Department Not Changing Electives

November 4, 2016

A reminder to the students of Martinsville High School: this year, the counseling department will not be making last-minute schedule changes for elective classes. They will happily edit your schedule if you are dropping an academic class or need to change a class in order to fulfill requirements. However, electives are set in stone once the year begins, and they cannot be changed.

It’s been policy for years that the counseling department only makes changes in the case of mistakes or errors. During previous years, students were allowed leeway for schedule changes, but this led to counselors having far too much on their plate to feasibly perform their jobs to the fullest extent.

MHS counselor Kami Hyde said, “The whole point of doing those early requests in the spring or late winter is to nail down classes to set teacher and student schedules. It becomes difficult when you’re wanting to take ACP Chem, Calculus, and other AP classes. Kids would put those in, then turn around and want to change everything, and that’s really difficult after we’ve figured out numbers, scheduling conflicts, and anything else that pops up. It creates a lot of problems when class sizes are set and students want to flex in or out of those classes.”

At the end of the day, it’s the student’s responsibility to make sure their schedule is in order. The counseling department will happily fix any errors or mistakes to your schedule, but if you want to swap out Foods for Music History, you may be out of luck.

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