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Marion County Mother Arrested

December 16, 2016

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Marion County Mother Arrested

In late November, Tiffany Alberts, a mother from Wolcott, Indiana was accused of injecting fecal matter into the IV bag of her son with cancer. Her 15 year old son had been receiving treatment at Riley Hospital for his leukemia when his mom started injecting him with fecal matter. The nurses at Riley Hospital said that these injections have caused infections that have ultimately delayed his treatment even causing him to go into septic shock. She is now facing seven felony charges, six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglect resulting in a serious bodily injury.

The first investigation started on November 17 when the medical staff at Riley Hospital said the boy had several infections of which they could not find the origin.The police then placed video surveillance in his room which is how they caught Alberts injecting an unknown substance into the IV bag. After finding this evidence, Alberts was brought into questioning where she later confessed to injecting fecal matter into the IV in order to get her son moved to another unit with better care.

Although the boy’s health started to improve after Alberts was arrested, he may have missed his best chance of going into remission due to his mother’s injections. He has had severe hospitalization and surgeries in order to keep him alive since then. Although the injections did not kill him, there is still a chance he may die from his leukemia because of the delay of his treatment. The doctors are continuing to do whatever they can to keep this boy alive and get him into remission.

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