Santa University

December 19, 2016

White beard, red cheeks, big belly, and a happy demeanor – nearly everybody can think of at least a few good ‘ol adjectives to describe Saint Nick. Every little kid spends the year thinking of the night when they get everything their little hearts desire.

Adults spend most of the year knowing they’re about to be spending big bucks to keep this festive tradition alive. To keep the Santa Claus life line going, there has to be someone playing the part, right? How do you become the ever so glorious “Kris Kringle”? Believe it or not, there’s a Santa Claus University

Santa  University is a four day class that teaches Santas, well how to be Santa. During these four days, they meet at the Norr Pole, a school owned by Norr Programs. While there, they are taught the ethics of being Santa, how to dress like him, how to stay healthy, how to groom their beards, and even how to do sign language. They hold charity toy drives and sing alongs. Santa University is full of fun and festivities.
After the Santas pass their classes, and the holidays roll around, they become a professional Santa. So the next time you’re at the mall or walking around your community, and you see a Santa, be sure to keep up the holiday spirit. Be joyful and keep the jolly fella’s legend alive.

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