The Final Stretch

February 17, 2017

As the class of 2017 approaches their final trimester, emotions are flying high. Some students stroll down memory lane with their friends and put on nostalgic songs as they see the their youth fleeting, while many others are looking forward to branching out and having new experiences. Whichever side of the spectrum you may fall, I think we can all agree that memories made in high school will last a lifetime.

“It’s honestly really terrifying and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life,” said senior Mya Freed. Mya isn’t the only one who feels this way. Many students are almost fearful of the thought of leaving high school due to a whole new world of responsibilities that awaits them. When one is introduced to adulthood in college, they gain an entire new set of responsibilities. Being hours away from home, or in some cases, states away, the comfort of our parents/guardians shrinks as we continue to grow older.

“I do believe with all the classes I’ve taken, I’m prepared to go on to college and be successful with what I’ve learned during my high school career,” said Abigail McClain, senior at Martinsville high school. Abigail McClain, along with others, know exactly what she wants to pursue in college and does not fear the switch in the educational systems. As you talk to your senior peers, you find a sea of worries in all of them ranging from financial, educational, and adult responsibilities. As we sit in the last high school classes we’ll ever take, many think of possible majors, where to attend, and how life will change from what we know it to be. Obviously the school environment will be different, but how will it affect the friendships that we clung onto these past four years?

“I’m going to miss going out and driving with my friends. We’ll just park somewhere and have deep talks in the car,” said Freed. The friends we have come to cherish will be making their own path in life. Some may be attending the same school as you while others have to part with their best friends. “Socially I will need a push,” said McClain. “A lot of my good friends won’t be at Indiana University… it’s going to be different.” Both of these young ladies have cherished memories here at Martinsville High School. Whether it be with friends or educators, both will have their own special journey that will shape them into the person they were meant to be.

As some of us come to grips with the impending responsibilities that awaits, we try to preserve our youth as much as possible for these last 12 weeks as high school students. Many are wanting to race the clock and storm into the world beyond these doors without thinking of the memories and experiences, good or bad, that shaped them here at MHS. What do you want your final stretch to look like? Whatever it may be, be thoughtful of those around you that may be struggling with the transition, love your friends more than ever, and enjoy the freedoms of high school while you can.  

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