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Comprehensive Studying Guide

March 23, 2017

Does your teacher question you about tear stains on your test? Do you stay up all night cramming, yet you still seem to forget the information when it matters most? Chances are you know the material, but you just freak yourself out. Test anxiety is something that affects most students, but can be mitigated if you are well prepared.

Confidence is the key to doing well on a test. If you think you’re going to do bad, then you’ll be scatter brained and unable to retain information. In order to feel confident and well-prepared, study, study, study. Don’t wait until the night before to cram all the information in your brain. Start preparing for a big test about three days in advance. You’ll be so much more at ease, and you’ll have plenty of time to process the material you’re studying. If you have any questions about what you’re learning, don’t hesitate to ask the teacher. Remember, they made the test, and they will be more than willing to help you out. If you are easily distracted and love to sleep, studying at home probably isn’t the best method for you. Try meeting up with classmates somewhere, but keep the small talk to a minimum. Also, force yourself to turn off your phone. We all know nothing is going to get done when you’re constantly checking your Snapchat and scrolling through Twitter. However, utilizing technology to find tools and websites will help you understand the material better.

Sites like Quizlet and the GoConqr are lifesavers when preparing for an upcoming exam. You can find flashcards for virtually anything, and you can also create a flowchart to help you understand specific concepts. If you’re confused in science or history classes, crash course videos on Youtube can make complicated topics so much easier to understand. Certain textbooks may also have corresponding Powerpoints online that may help summarize the information you have learned.

No matter what you do, make sure to be as prepared as possible. There’s nothing worse than going in for a test and having no clue how to do anything.


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