Tale as Old as Time Gets New Twist

May 1, 2017

Beauty and the Beast has been a beloved tale since 1991. Talking inanimate objects, action, love, and triumph – what’s not to adore? Of course, when the movie was announced to come out as a live action film, fans everywhere were elated. But as the positive reviews, amazing graphics, and stellar singing took place, one thing seemed to gnaw at the very soul of some viewers.

There is no question of the prominent trail of heterosexuality in Disney’s films. The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and the original Beauty and the Beast were straight films in every sense of the word. They reflected relationships desired by many at the time and exemplified what seemingly every little girl and boy should want, but as time has gone by, people have evolved to become more open and accepting of not only themselves, but others. Relationships have also undergone a change.

When I say change, I’m not talking about the feelings or emotions involved. Instead I’m talking strictly about the appearance. Homosexuality has always been apart of the human race, no question about that, and over the past decade we have witnessed people expressing romantic feelings not only to the opposite gender. Since the topic of homosexual relationships are no longer hidden a part of life, why not incorporate that into a beloved tale to show how times have changed and to embrace the new normal?

Disney thought just that and decided to portray Lafue as a gay character. If Disney had not announced that they portrayed him that way, would anyone really have noticed? In the movie, Lafue didn’t profusely “act” gay. First of all, a person’s sexuality does not define who they are. Therefore, that means it doesn’t affect their actions. He acted as though, brace yourselves, an actual human being would act, not tarnishing the minds of children. Besides from two or three flirtatious comments and him ending up dancing with a man at the end, there was no aggressive indications that he was gay.

By doing that, Disney (hopefully) instilled the notion that people can function and be themselves without challenging the “norm” by subtly showcasing a new normal. Relationships, as well as people, have evolved drastically over time. With individuals accepting and no longer hiding who they are, it is important to start incorporating these relationships more often to show them as something other than unusual.

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