Artie Hour

September 6, 2017


With the 2017-2018 school year comes a number of changes for both students and faculty. One of the biggest changes for Martinsville High School is the lunch schedule. Instead of the ABC lunch system used in years past, lunch is now an hour with two lunch options. This designated lunch hour is referred to as Artie Hour. Everyday, before 9:50 am, students are required to log onto their Chromebooks and select a location. However, it’s important for students to check their Artie Hour location because teachers can either assign you to their class, or decline your request. Each location also has a predetermined lunch, either A or B. Some locations are used for clubs while others are used as a study hall. If a student fails to select a location, they are then mass assigned to the auditorium. The hour is divided in half; thus, allowing 30 minutes for students to go to lunch and another 30 to spend in their location making purposeful progress.

Certain departments and groups have priority over others on given days.


Monday – 1. Math 2. English 3. Science

Tuesday – 1. Non-tested subjects 2. Test prep

Wednesday- 1. English 2. Math 3. Science

Thursday – 1. Test prep 2. Non-tested subjects

Friday- 1. Co/Extra-curricular groups 2. Test prep


There are various locations for students to go during the hour including the cafeteria, the Well 2.0, and the gym. During the 30 minutes students have to eat, there are multiple locations they can go: the cafeteria, The Well 2.0, and the gym. The library is also an area where students can take their lunch, but it is a peanut-free zone.

Artie Hour provides students with many opportunities that they’ve never had. Not only can students work on projects and homework, they can also get extra help from teachers and attend more club meetings. Overall, Artie Hour is a helpful tool that both students and faculty can put to good use this school year.

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