10 Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas

We’re in high school, so of course we procrastinate. We all wait until the last minute to do everything. Halloween is soon and you may not have your costume ready yet, but I got your back. Here are 10 easy, last-minute costume ideas.



  1. Where’s Waldo

You will need a red and white striped shirt, blue pants, a red and/or white hat, and black glasses. If you want to accessorize your Waldo, then add on a messenger bag and a cane.


  1. Cactus

For this costume, a green top and some white pipe cleaners or white yarn are essential. Pink tulle or tissue paper can be used to add on the flowering looks that some cacti display.


  1. Smartie Pants

Only three things are needed for this: the candy Smarties, a pair of pants, and tape. Tape the Smarties, wrapped or unwrapped, to your pants and voila, you are a smarty pants.


  1. Grapes

The only item you really need for this costume is balloons, purple or green. If you want to make the outfit look not so last minute, create some leaves using green construction paper and markers. You can also wear clothing the same color as your balloons beneath as a matching base color.


  1. Superhero

If you don’t have a superhero t-shirt lying around, find either some construction paper or old material and get to crafting. First, choose a few select colors to roll with so that things look good. Create a signature emblem, like a simple shape or letter, for the center of your shirt and make a matching eye mask and cape from an old sheet or jacket. Choose your super powers and save the world.


  1. Jock

If you or someone in your family is in sports or an avid fan, this should be quite easy. Simply put on a shirt or uniform and walk out the door.


  1. Cat

Dressing as a cat is stereotypical, meaning most stores sell cheap cat ears, which is probably all you will need to purchase. Draw whiskers and a cat nose on your face using either make-up or face paint and dress in all black.


  1. Error

This costume is the scariest one yet to a high schooler, an unfound computer error. Take a black marker and write “ERROR 404: COSTUME NOT FOUND” on a plain white tee.


  1. An M&M

This idea is easy for a whole group of friends, in which everyone needs plain solid colored tees with M’s displayed on them. Everyone can plan to style their costumes the same for further coordination.


  1. A Ghost

The most classic Halloween costume, a ghost. If you don’t already know, just use a white sheet and cut a face into it by creating mouth and eye holes. If there are multiple people going as this, cut out unique faces to match your personalities.