Social Media Stars VS. Hollywood Stars

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Social Media Stars VS. Hollywood Stars

Hannah Johnson, Writer

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Have you noticed that your favorite singers or actors might have been out famed by social media influencers with no real acting or singing careers? Since the rise of social media, ordinary people on Instagram,, and other social networking apps have risen to fame simply because of the things they post.

People can become famous overnight due to apps such as and Instagram. On the app, “musers” record themselves making various motions and lipsyncing or dancing to music. On Instagram, people post selfies or creative photos that can catch users’ attention. On other apps such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter, people are making millions just for sharing creative pictures and fun videos.

In addition to the fame of the internet, YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, have the ability to become Hollywood stars as well. Joey Graceffa is a famous YouTuber who also acts and stars in a show called “Escape the Night.” YouTubers like Liza Koshy, Shane Dawson, Eva Gutowski, and many others guest star in different episodes to show off hidden acting talents. The stars gain popularity for their acting in various shows and movies that are in partnership with YouTube Red.

Hollywood stars are also able to become internet stars to add to their popularity just by making videos or doing something unique with pictures. An example could be Shay Mitchell, who is known for playing Emily on Pretty Little Liars. She makes a variety of YouTube videos that have gained her almost three million subscribers and over two million views on all of her videos. Also, talk show owners post YouTube videos for for more recognition on their comedy. Examples are Ellen Degeneres, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, and David Letterman. These hosts and actors have the ability to boost their fame by also becoming an internet star, too.

Some famous actors and singers are losing their fans and fame because internet stars are gaining more popularity. While social media stars can gain new followers daily, Hollywood stars and celebrities do not gain new fans or popularity as quickly. On the other hand, Social media stars get new amounts of attention every time they post new content which can multiply many times a day. Actors and singers can post pictures and other content, but that is not what they are known for.

Every day, Hollywood and social media stars gain fame and earn money, but they are polar opposites in what they do. Internet sensations become famous overnight and gain followers every time they post something new and creative. In contrast, Hollywood stars build up to their fame to get noticed, and they take their time on the work that gains them popularity. With the rise of all the internet sensations, social media stars are earning more fame and fans every day, while actors and singers have to work hard, long periods of time on their content.

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