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Vegetarians in the Cafeteria

November 28, 2017

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Vegetarians in the Cafeteria

Have you ever felt hungry but just don’t feel like eating meat or just noticed the overwhelming amount of it in the cafeteria? Anyone in this school who is a vegetarian or a vegan goes through this struggle everyday. A majority of the food that the school serves is meat or made with animal products. It’s not as easy for vegans and vegetarians to find food at MHS.

The school serves a wide variety of foods for lunch with five lines and The Well as an option, but a lot of the food they serve contains either meat or cheese. Vegetarians and vegans usually just bring their own lunch or buy food they don’t really want. The cafeteria and Well do offer some alternatives for vegetarians, but they’re usually smaller options such as salad. “They have salads, but they’re just a bunch of lettuce. I want a salad to be more fresh,” said sophomore Carly Williams.

Sometimes students may not have enough time to pack lunch or accidentally forget it on the counter. For most, this isn’t a huge issue and grabbing school lunch for a day is not a big deal, but for vegetarians and vegans, it is. Finding something they can eat can be difficult. For people without special diets, lunch may seem like the best part of the day, but for vegetarians and vegans, school lunch can be a nightmare.

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