Measles Occurrence at Indiana University

March 2, 2018

A recent occurrence of the measles has spread across the Indiana University main campus in Bloomington. A single student came back to campus after winter break with the disease. The University quickly emailed students and faculty regarding the occurrence after the case was confirmed. Currently, the student is under quarantine until the measles is out of their system.

Being extremely contagious, it only takes one case of measles to become an outbreak. The measles, or rubeola, causes the person infected to cough uncontrollably, have a runny nose, run a fever, experience inflammation of the eyes and skin, and feel fatigued. Typically, side effects of measles normally do not appear until two weeks after being exposed to the virus.

Thanks to the current ways of life and modern medicine, measles is not a common illness anymore and vaccines are available to prevent the virus. The last known case of the measles at Indiana University was in 2013, also only involving one confirmed individual. As a precaution, students are required to have the vaccination in order to even enroll at IU. This being said, the odds of more students contracting the measles on campus is unlikely. However, the individuals who came into contact with the contagious student do have a chance of being infected, but they have been identified and are being monitored for potential symptoms.

“I was surprised, but not worried. It happened in McNutt Dorm which is far away from me,” said IU freshman Andrew Walker. As can be expected, many students were surprised and alarmed when hearing of the measles occurrence.

“I almost couldn’t believe that something like this would happen,” said IU freshman Abigail McClain.

Students with the vaccine shouldn’t have anything with which to be concerned. The infected individual is quarantined until given the all clear, which should prevent more students from catching the virus.  

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