Sophia Jackson’s Book

March 2, 2018

Imagine sitting down, a teenager in high school, and writing a book that will soon be published and on its way to the world’s eyes. This is what sophomore Sophia Jackson has been doing for the past year. She spent many hours working on her book, How Little We Know, over the summer and through the first of the school year. She is now in the process of getting her book published and allowing others the opportunity to read it.

Jackson’s book is about a girl named Andrea who goes on adventures while mentally and physically figuring out her life. Jackson said, “The whole book is kind of a metaphor for my own life and my own insecurities.” There are multiple other characters who display her own traits and characteristics as well. The characters’ lives appeal to this generation because they are teens with emotional and physical issues who learn and grow throughout their adventures that seem unconquerable.

In early summer of 2017, Jackson became inspired by YouTuber Lilly Singh’s book, How to Be a Bawse. “Before then, I didn’t really think I had what it took, and then I thought I could,” said Jackson. She began by jotting down notes for ideas as she pulled together her storyline. It took a total of six weeks to write. She worked over the summer and during the weekends once school started up again.

As every writer does, Jackson ran into several difficulties while writing. Writer’s block was a large issue. She would start part of the story and stop because she would not know how to continue in the way she really wanted. Also, she felt overwhelmed because she felt like she had to keep going in order to finish the book. “You just have to sit there and you have to make yourself write page after page, even when you don’t want to anymore,” said Jackson.

The editing process is finally completed after hours and hours of sitting and looking over the words hundreds of times. How Little We Know is currently in the works of being published, and Jackson is waiting for the time when she gets to sell her novel and gain interest from readers who are looking forward to more publications. She still writes down ideas for future stories, and she is even considering creating a series of books. How Little We Know will hopefully be out to buy in the near future for people to personally connect with.

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