Mrs. Presley at the Homecoming pep-session being honored with a PRIDE award. (Annie Sichting)
Mrs. Presley at the Homecoming pep-session being honored with a PRIDE award.

Annie Sichting

When The Unexpected Happens

MHS Guidance Counselor Gives Advice For When Life Gets Tough

October 3, 2018

In life, anything could happen, good or bad. Julie Presley knew from the beginning that life wasn’t going to be easy, but she knew she would be strong enough to go through anything, no matter how terrible the situation.

May 25, 2018 may have just been a normal day for most people, but on that day Presley found out something about herself that she never dreamed would have happened. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hearing that someone had been diagnosed would make anyone sad, but just try to imagine how she felt. When I asked her what her first reaction was, it took her awhile to give me an answer. I could tell how hard it was for her to pour all of that emotion into one single word. She finally came out and said, “Tears.” She believes that only you can determine how you feel about something. If you want to laugh, then choose to laugh. If you want to cry, then choose to cry. She has chosen to laugh, even though tears are bound to shed from time to time.

I believe it’s a choice. You can either laugh or cry. I’m choosing to laugh.”

— Julie Presley

Years ago, she went to high school in Martinsville and graduated in 1989. She then continued chasing her dreams and got a bachelor’s degree to teach math and chemistry which she received from Ball State University. While she was teaching, she went to Purdue University in order to teach physics. She was very ambitious in school and always worked her hardest. It wasn’t until 2010 that she received her masters degree in counseling. Now, eight years later, she is still loving her job as a school counselor. Her job, let alone life, is not always easy. She goes through hard times but always comes out of them with a smile on her face. She has a great attitude, during times when you and I would be barely hanging on.

Annie Sichting
The Presley family honoring her for her well deserved award.

No amount of sadness would keep Presley from going to work as much as she possibly can. She loves the fact that her job is unpredictable and rarely boring. Even though she said high schoolers carry a lot of relationship drama, she loves watching each and every one of them grow into young adults. Being a school counselor is a big deal; they aren’t only there to make your schedules and tell you what classes to take, they are there to be someone for you to talk to when you need them. They care about you as a human being and not just what your grade point average is. Presley describes herself as flexible; she handles all situations and challenges with compassion and love. She won’t stop caring when things get rough.

Annie Sichting
Mrs. Presley spending her time guiding students to success.

I asked her what advice she would give to every student in this school, and she told me, plain and simple, “Don’t be afraid to fail, and always keep trying.” This is something Presley herself lives by everyday. She keeps trying even when life isn’t easy.

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  • A

    Anna FoleyNov 15, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    This article shows who Mrs. Presley truly is as a person. What a great article!

  • M

    Marcy HankinsOct 8, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    She IS my hero! I hear people talk about all of these characters in movies they see or hear about people who do good deeds on TV; however, nothing compares to what this lady is doing…leading by example. Think you don’t feel like to coming to school one day, stop and think about how Mrs. Presley may feel when she gets up in the morning. She truly sets the new bar for work ethic. I watch her every single day in amazement and hope I can be as strong as she is if I ever need to be.

    Mrs. Presley is not only a friend to me and many others here, but she is a true inspiration!