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Goodbye Quizlet?

October 25, 2018

Many students rely on Quizlet for studying needs, but what would happen if they couldn’t? Word has been going around the school that Quizlet will supposedly be blocked because of cheating. There has been no official evidence of this, but students have been talking about the agony of having to go back to flashcards for studying.

Quizlet offers studying methods like flashcards, practice quizzes, matching, games, and spelling.. These methods seem to be much more helpful than just real life flash cards. The foreign language classes use Quizlet for vocabulary, conjugations, sentence forming, culture and much more. Stacks and stacks of flashcards have basically been eliminated from the classes. Students no longer have to carry the weight through school of all the cards they had to create themselves. Without Quizlet, students would be pounded with even more homework because they would have to spend time creating hundreds of flashcards instead of just studying them in various ways without having to write them all out.

It’s been heard that someone told teachers and administration that answers for some homework or tests are all over Quizlet. In fact, there are answers to most vocabulary books, activity worksheets, and even some test answers for all subjects. This does create easy access to cheating, but not everybody relies on the answers of the internet. Some answers can be different, and the person who “cheats” could possibly get many or even everything incorrect on what they wanted to cheat on.

Although Quizlet can often be used for cheating, the answers, if correct, are also used for more studying methods. Students search the website for vocab answers to study them for the test. For example, if someone were to search their vocab unit, anyone can choose from a number of vocab practices to prepare for your test. There are also helpful study guides for books that students can use before the usual book post tests in English class.

In the situation where Quizlet would actually be blocked, studying would become a much harder task. The blocking is not an official thing yet, but students might want to start playing it safe and find some different study options just in case.

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  1. Elijah Roberson on November 15th, 2018 10:27 am

    I believe that blocking quizlet for “cheating” is ridiculous. Yes, students can use the platform to cheat on homework, but homework is to prepare you for the quizzes and tests. If you cheat on it, chances are you are not going to do well on the test because you are not actually studying for it, and if you fail the tests, you fail the class. Quizlet should stay unblocked. For those who use it the right way, it is a good tool, for those who don’t, it does little to help them. Great article btw.

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