Painted Parking

MHS graduating class marks their territory by painting their on parking spot.

Allison Johnson

Not only has there been big changes happening inside of MHS, but recently there have been changes happening outside of MHS in the school parking lot. After years of seniors requesting for Dr. Sears to let them paint their parking spaces, he has finally agreed. “Year after year someone has always asked, and I have always liked the idea, but every idea takes a little extra time, planning, and research to get off the ground,” Sears said. The activity had three scheduled painting days: September first, fifth, and ninth. There are certain designated areas grouped together in the jock lot, the vocational lot, and the main lot that seniors and early-grad juniors were able to choose from.


For students, there are many advantages to painted parking spaces. “This is a student-based activity where they get the chance to engage and participate. It is also a very good way for students to show school spirit,” said Dr. Sears.


“It shows ownership and pride and marks senior year,” MHS senior Sarah Holland said. “The only downside to it will be other people still parking in our parking spaces even though they are claimed and paid for.” Dr. Sears confirmed that if someone is to park in a painted spot that isn’t theirs, they will be towed.


“It is a way for seniors to express their individuality,” Holland said. She has her own idea for her spot, and it is to express her passion for band. Drums, specifically. Holland plans to replicate different drum corps and band logos on her spot. “It is going to take a lot of time because it is very intricate, but I am also really excited about it,” Holland said.


Graduating junior Emily Sublette is also marking her last year in high school by painting her spot. “I like it that graduating juniors can paint their parking spots as well, because this is basically our senior year too, so it’s good that we are treated as such.” Sublette is planning on doing a design with flowers and color, “just something that I think is pretty and describes me,” Sublette said.


Painting parking spots seems to have been a big hit at MHS. This may just be the first of a new MHS tradition.