Dr. Sears reprimanding the freshmen class for their behavior. (Lauren Ka)
Dr. Sears reprimanding the freshmen class for their behavior.

Lauren Ka

The Artesian Way

November 14, 2018

As Artesians, we take pride in our school spirit and aim to exemplify our good character both in and out of school. As many of us know, overall school attitude and behavior at the fall convocation did not measure up to these standards we have set for ourselves. According to Dr. Sears, “That was the worst behavior that I have seen in the five years I have been here.” Essentially, he went on to say that our students did not conduct themselves in a manner that is demonstrative of the Artesian way, and that we must get better.

Disrespect for the speaker and teachers was displayed at the convocation and is not something Dr. Sears was proud of. Many were using their phones, talking extremely loud, and being disruptive by stomping on the bleachers. These are just a few examples of the poor behavior that was shown to our guest speaker.  

In light of the incident, changes are likely to be made regarding the structure of future convocations. Potential changes could include splitting up the student body, adding more sections to create more space, eliminating the upstairs seating and replacing them with downstairs bleachers, and more.

As high schoolers, we should be held to a higher level of expectations. When we behave in a way that makes us look juvenile, a lot of freedoms can and will be taken away as repercussions. Dr. Sears sees that there was a massive issue with behavior. “I think we have already grown from this,” Sears said. Trust is hard to earn back. Sears is hopeful by the next assembly, behavior will not even be an issue.

As students, we can always do something to help. We can hold the person sitting by us accountable for their actions – accountable to do the right thing, not talk, and be respectful to those around them. We need to earn the trust back from our teachers and administrators. We can learn from this incident and make sure that we are better prepared when the opportunity arises again.

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