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How Social Media is Impacting Our Younger Generations and How It’s Providing Opportunities

December 10, 2018

Most kids and teenagers nowadays can’t remember a time without having a cell phone. They are in our hands almost every moment of every day. If they aren’t in our hands, they are right by our side.

While many can see this as a bad thing, others feel it has its perks. Tons of teens all over the world have successful YouTube channels, Instagrams, blogs, SoundClouds, and much more. These websites and apps are providing an opportunity for many students and even in some cases, jobs.

Some may ask why so many teens are starting to do this. Why would they want to make a living doing an online job or put so much effort into something that could go unseen? A big reason is the creative process. Using these outlets allows people to be creative and talk about things that they genuinely care about and share ideas with others all around the world.

A great example of someone who got many opportunities online is Shawn Mendes. Mendes started off as a Viner with the group Magcon. Originally he was doing funny skits, hanging out with friends, and showing off his musical skills from time to time. Although at first, he wasn’t well known for his music, the platform gave him the opportunity to use the fame he had acquired and turn it into a career. Now he is a world-famous singer.

Social media is shaping younger people all around the world. It’s progressively getting bigger and becoming more prevalent in our day-to-day lives; thus, more teenagers are taking advantage of these opportunities to spread their ideas and hopefully make something of themselves. A big fear the younger generations have is working at a job that they’re unhappy with. So why not create your own content? Why not be your own boss?

As time progresses, the competition is becoming stronger. More and more channels on YouTube are being created and an increasing amount of people are creating accounts on different websites. Basically, it’s getting harder to make it big online, but it’s not impossible. Many believe that through hard work, they could make it big online. These people want to make something of themselves. All it takes is having a dream and a will to work hard for it.

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