Studying over coffee.
Studying over coffee.

10 Ways To Keep On Track This Tri

December 10, 2018

Sports, tests, friends, family, multiple hours of homework, and even outside-of-school work are all factors in making a high school student tense. Sometimes it can feel as though we can’t even conjure up the time to care for ourselves and overall just relax. Here are ten ways to make sure you don’t break down at the end of every week.

1. Plan Ahead

Throughout life, people constantly fall to the dangers of poor planning. When you have a busy schedule 24/7, under planning can cause situations to all clash at the same time. In order to prevent that, scheduling your week out with a planner should give your week an easy flow without complications. There are tons of them at Target, Walmart, CVS, and on Amazon. These will help you stay on top of all your assignments and any other events going on.

Writing a plan for the week.


2. Take a breath

If you’re dealing with overwhelming amounts of work and pressure, you need to stop and breathe. It sounds ineffective at first, but when you’re on the verge of giving up, just take a breath and evaluate your situation. Doing this will put you away from your mind and be able to have a clearer mindset.  

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Relaxing on a hammock.

3. Let it out

I know, trust me it sounds cheesy, but talking it out to a loved one or someone you trust really does relieve some of your worries. It feels amazing to just sit and vent about what’s got you down, and sharing these hardships will also enhance your relationships.

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Two friends talking.


4. Bubble Bath

This idea deals both with your physical state as well as your mental state. If your overcrowded schedule is driving you nuts, just relax with a bath. Reading, listening to music, or watching your favorite Netflix show are all great ways to unwind.

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Bubble bath with the city skyline.


5. Spend time with positive minds

Being around people who think positively tend to open your mind up to happiness. People who keep stressing you out with their negativity can make you feel more exhausted. Also when pertaining to school work, good influences can be a guide. Studying with friends is much more interesting than studying by yourself. You and your bestie can share notes to get more information that one of you may have missed.


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Two friends talking outside.

6. Take time for yourself

Probably one of the most important ways to relax: make time for yourself. You always need to be able to set a time for free time. Even with a hectic schedule, “me time” can really improve your relaxation.

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Flipping pages while reading a book.

7. Yoga

Yoga is a chill way to be able to focus on what matters the most to you. Being busy can make it easy to lose your drive. Yoga is great with allowing you to open up your mind to what’s important.

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Doing yoga in the sunset.


8. Get Ahead

This is for all the procrastinators who don’t even want to think about future projects or assignments. Getting ahead can open up for more time in the future. Also, you won’t have to constantly keep pushing on the due dates and stress yourself more than needed. Study right after school (or as soon as possible) to get ahead on your homework. This will also allow you to have more time to relax. Apps and websites like Kahoot, Quizlet, and others can help you as well.

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Working on a laptop.


9. Relieve The Pressure

If you’re the type of person who constantly adds to your schedule because you feel that you can handle it, stop. Putting all that unnecessary work on your schedule will drain you. If there’s something that you can afford to sacrifice for your mental stability, do it.

Girl meditating in front of sunset.


10. Be Creative

Schoolwork can be boring enough as it is. However, you can spice it up by buying some colorful pens or highlighters. Seeing color on your worksheets (and maybe your planner, too) will brighten up your day. Not only that, people tend to remember things better if they are using bright colors such as blues.

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Colorful notes being taken.


High School is a stressful time for a lot of students. This is the age of transition from being a kid to blossoming into a young adult. Everything mixed in with our phone-crazed minds results in a deluge of stress. These tips can relieve the pressure of a crowded schedule.


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