Ariana Grande has continued to make successful music despite everything she has been through.

Ariana Grande Never Stops Working

February 25, 2019

Making it through a rough few years, Ariana Grande has found an abundance of music inspiration through her hard times. She has been trending on and off for her new successes and past misfortunes. Grande has gotten through the trauma of the Manchester attack, being inappropriately touched by a pastor, split and death of Mac Miller, and a called off engagement with Pete Davidson. She has expressed her feelings through her new album, “Sweetener,” and a new single, “Thank You, Next.”


The biggest burden Grande has been carrying with her is the tragedy of her concert in Manchester on May 22, 2017. The bombing left 22 people dead and many others injured and terrified. Grande was in a massive state of grief, but she decided to put together “One Love Manchester,” a multi-artist concert to honor the lives of her fans. She finished her Dangerous Woman tour and lay low for a while after that. Grande still honors the people from Manchester every day, and she even wrote a song for the healing fans called “Get Well Soon.” This song, which is the last track on the new album, is uplifting to her fans. The last 45 seconds of the song is pure silence to act as a moment of silence for lives lost.

Another tragedy Grande faced this year was the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller. She had broken up with him just four months before his death, and she started dating comedian Pete Davidson. Miller died of a drug overdose, and the internet blew up. People were blaming Grande for causing his death, but her fans helped her get her spirits back up.

Just a couple months after Miller’s death, Grande decided to call off her engagement and break up with Pete Davidson. She had already written a song called “Pete” about how he was his soulmate, but that song is now history. Recently, she released a song much different, called “Thank U, Next.” She mentions all of her ex’s names and sings about her experiences with them, but she still thanks them for making her the newest version of herself.

Grande hopes that she will not have to face any more problems as she has in the past two years. The hard times have, however, taught her many new and important things about life. Many of the obstacles she conquered are featured on her YouTube series, the Dangerous Woman Diaries. She continues to write more music, including another album, and she will begin her Sweetener world tour soon.

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