Decorations inside studio. (Alexa Shrake)
Decorations inside studio.

Alexa Shrake

Good Vibes for the Soul: Breathe & Flow Yoga

Take a look inside the local Martinsville business.

April 10, 2019

Alexa Shrake
Always there to greet with a smile, Honey is a very lovable yoga dog.


Alexa Shrake
The first room is filled with plants to give life and fresh air to the room. There are yoga mats to buy if one is becoming interested in practicing at home on their own. The painting of Honey is not for sale.


Don’t worry about not having a mat or blocks, there are supplies for everyone to use in the back corner. “I used to keep [yoga] mats in my car and teach classes whenever I could,” said Kimberly Drake.
Alexa Shrake
Not only is there regular yoga, but also ariel classes. Ariel yoga gives the body more strength and provides a deeper stretch.


Alexa Shrake
After class, clients pay by putting their money in the bowl. “A few classes have been getting full, but I would love to have more people come in and enjoy what we do here,” said Kimberly Drake.


Alexa Shrake
In all of the classes, the lights are off and there is calming music. The ceiling is covered in a cloud-like tapestry. “I have been in this studio for seven years now,” said Kimberly Drake. Drake had the idea to put the tapestry on the ceiling after seeing how well it fit and looked.


Alexa Shrake
There are mirrors across the wall to help see what one’s body is doing. “Yoga at first was really hard for me and I didn’t really like it, but I kept going because I knew it was good for me. Eventually, I started to really like it and became an instructor,” said Kimberly Drake.


Alexa Shrake
Come enjoy the calmness of a workout. There are classes Monday-Wednesday, Thursdays are for private classes, and morning classes are Friday and Saturday. Monday and Tuesday are beginners 101 from 7pm-8pm. Wednesday is hot yoga from 6pm-7pm. Friday and Saturday are 9:30am-10:30am. They are closed on Sunday. There are also appointments available for massages as well. Namaste’
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