The Teacher’s Test

October 4, 2019

Every so often, teachers have to go through a process of evaluation. Most of the time, the evaluations are done by higher ups like the principal. Recently, the question of whether or not this method is effective has risen. 

Some schools have started using students as their main evaluators for more accurate results. This argument has arrived at Martinsville High School, and I, in particular, have an opinion. 

I think that students being involved in the evaluation process will provide much more validity. When the principal walks in, the students are sure to be on their best behavior. The same would apply if you’re driving down a highway and a cop is following you: you are definitely not going to take that chance at running the light. 

This being said, the pressure of the principal or the person carrying out the evaluation makes the teacher’s performance unrealistic. If the students are evaluating the teacher, then the outcome will be an accurate representation of how they actually teach and not some glossed up version. 

Teacher evaluations involving students would not only authenticate the outcomes, but the teachers would more likely perform better with having just the normal class. They wouldn’t be  nervous or anxious because class would run as usual. 

If anything, teachers would more likely perform badly with an administrator since their conscience is constantly telling them to strive for zero mistakes. 

So, students taking part in  the evaluations would be better because the results would truly reflect the skills of the teacher, thus giving them a chance to breathe instead of panicking over what their supervisor might think. 

Perhaps among the most important reasons, the change would ultimately help students. The students could explain what they like or what could be better, helping the teacher with direct feedback from their main critics. In the end, this method of evaluation would come full circle for a better education. 

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