A Student from the Student Section supports his team. Photo By: Lauren Ka

Operation Football Sunrise!

September 5, 2019

With football season underway, Channel 13 News will be visiting Martinsville High School on September 6th, 2019, for their weekly Operation Football Sunrise. Students will meet on the football field at 5 A.M. along with the marching band, cheerleaders and JV football players. The event will be broadcast on Channel 13 so that anyone who is not able to attend will be able to see it as well. There will be free doughnuts, milk, and hot chocolate for all who show up. In addition, raffle tickets will be given out so that students can win great prizes including some of the following: t-shirts, homecoming tickets, all-sports passes, open lunch passes, and more! Come out and join us to show off your school spirit and help rile up the crowd for our Gold Game against Greenwood!

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