Martinsville, IN
Martinsville, IN

A Scoop Or A Freeze?

October 4, 2019

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whether it’s for an after school treat, a birthday party, or a celebration following a game, ice cream seems like a universal indulgence. It is a tradition that transcends all generations. There are two main frozen treat establishments in Martinsville: the Inside Scoop and Brain Chillzz. 

The Inside Scoop is one of Martinsville’s most popular hidden gems; it has been the summer hangout spot since its opening in 1987. The Scoop’s ice cream has been a treat that people have sought after for years. “[We] work really hard to make sure it looks pretty so people enjoy eating their ice cream,” said former employee Lauren Ka. “The owners and the managers are the best people,” she added. 

The Inside Scoop serves a variety of shakes, ice cream, slushies, food, and floats. Sadly, like many other local ice cream shops, they close in October for the winter and open again every March. 

Brain Chillzz, another one of Martinsville’s sweet shops, just moved in this summer and has already started making its mark within the community. Brain Chillzz offers different selections of snow cones (with and without ice cream) and shakes, as well as inside and outside seating with table games. Employee Brooke McFarland said, “Our snow cones are soft, and our ice cream is homemade.” 


There is one conclusion that can be drawn from reviewing both establishments: ice cream is a treat that makes everyone smile! If you are looking for more of a creamy snack, you might check out the Inside Scoop. If you are craving something frozen and fun, Brain Chillzz could be the place to go!


Photos by Emma-Kate Allen

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