The Amazon Rain Forest (Edited by Ken Casey)
The Amazon Rain Forest

Edited by Ken Casey

Amazon On Fire

October 4, 2019

Throughout this year, the beloved Amazon Rain Forest has continued to degrade because of several fires that have blown up. Though only getting attention during August, the fires started in January. Two-point two million acres burned down this year taking away 20% of the world’s oxygen supply with it. The Amazon has dealt with deforestation for years, but the effects have never been this drastic. 

Even though we may not know it, we rely on the Amazon to help supply our oxygen. If the fires that are taking place right now continue, we will not be able to produce enough oxygen, most likely within the next decade, to support life on Earth.

People need to start banding together to help replant trees, not just in the rainforest, but everywhere. For example, with I-69 construction, many trees were torn down alongside houses. Most of the trees were torn down for the bat population, but tearing down trees that do not need to be is a factor that plays into our declining oxygen levels. 

If we want to save our planet, we have to change something about our lifestyle. If we tear down fewer trees and conserve more, we will slowly be able to save our planet. If we don’t, who knows how much longer we will survive.

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