This ´Do Not Cross’ sign is located outside of the band parking lot at the high school. (Annie Sichting )
This ´Do Not Cross’ sign is located outside of the band parking lot at the high school.

Annie Sichting

A New Start

October 29, 2019

This 2019-2020 school year has been a year full of changes for the MHS staff and students. Below are some of the many new additions: 

  1. Three years ago, the MSD of Martinsville decided it was time to go tech, so students and teachers received Chromebooks. This year, the contract for the Chromebooks was up, so the school got brand new ones. This new update allows students to get their assignments done much more quickly and efficiently because of their new software.
  2. Last year, the IMC (integrated media center), or library, was renovated as well. Now, the auditorium can have its turn. Modernizing the auditorium means new paint, ceilings, acoustics, and a sound system will be required. The stage will also be extended out over the theatre pit to help solve space issues. By November of this school year, the project will be complete. 
  3. Over the summer, the original school bathrooms dating back to 1976 were renovated.  Because of the renovations, Martinsville can now be known for fresh, clean restrooms!

    Annie Sichting
    MHS bathrooms have a completely new look.
  4. Overall, some new faces have been seen throughout the school this year. Vice principal Jesse Burgess said that there are “roughly sixteen new staff members at the high school.” Also, new coaching positions have been filled for the following: boys soccer, girls soccer, swimming, softball, and boys tennis. 
  5. In addition, two very important figures have made their way to Martinsville from Carmel Clay and Beech Grove schools. Superintendent Dr. Jay Arthur and Assistant Superintendent Stephan (Craig) Buckler have already added a new touch to the MSD of Martinsville in the short time they have been here. According to Arthur, one of their main goals is to “work on a solid, genuine relationship with the community” and “stay connected to the students.”  
  6. Interstate 69 started affecting the school parking lot last spring due to York Street being blocked off. Similar to last year, I-69 renovations will once again make an impact on our staff and students. For instance, staff and students may have to leave their house earlier with Highway 37 cut down to one lane. Eventually, 37 will be completely shut down and the whole community of Martinsville will have to drive through town and take back roads to get to their destinations. 
  7. In previous years, there has been an issue with students crossing 37 from the high school to Walmart, Chilis, Arby’s, and other restaurants and businesses. In order to ensure the safety of our community, a pedestrian crosswalk is being installed; a road for cars will run parallel to it as well.
  8. Another new change in the making is a fieldhouse at the high school. The thought process for the fieldhouse involved the idea that extracurriculars need to have a place to meet and practice besides the school gym. The high school marching band currently practices outside in the parking lot; during bad weather, the band could easily shift over to the fieldhouse. The school board is currently trying to figure out how they can get “the most bang for their buck,” Burgess said. 
  9. Something very exciting for the students to look forward to this year is the new ice cream machine that will be added to the cafeteria. A former senior requested an ice cream machine because it would make school more enjoyable. Burgess claimed that “MHS is here to give the students what they want. An ice cream machine [will] reward the students while still keeping a safe environment.”  The machine is promised to come before the 2019-2020 school year ends. 

With all of the changes taking place, hopefully this school year will be one to remember!

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