Red For Ed at the Indiana State House

November 18, 2019

Tomorrow, November 19th, over 14,000 teachers and concerned community members from Indiana will meet at the statehouse to stand up for the #RedForEd movement. Over 80 teachers in the Martinsville school district will be attending this major event. Many schools in surrounding areas have closed for the event, but why hasn’t Martinsville High School? 

An email was sent out last week that stated the district worried about the education of students and also expressed their concern for students who receive free or reduced lunches. However, the school is also struggling to find enough substitute teachers to cover all of the missing teachers; their solution is to have bus drivers and police officers watch the students. 

Many parents are concerned about this and are even contemplating keeping their children at home. So, this begs the question, where will you be on November 19th, 2019?

Will you be at school, the statehouse, or home? Wherever you may be, leave your questions for our state down below and I will be happy to do my best and find you an answer! Check Breaking Blue soon for a follow-up on how the rally turned out! 

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