Amazon boycott (Claire R)
Amazon boycott

Claire R

Amazon Boycott

November 18, 2019

Over 500 musicians have pledged to boycott Amazon because of their connection with I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). 

Earning its title as “the backbone for the federal government’s Immigration and law enforcement dragnet,” Amazon hosts biometric databases for the government to hunt down would-be deportees, meaning the company effectively enables I.C.E. to detain and deport. 

Hundreds of musicians have taken a stand against the billion-dollar company. A letter was delivered to Amazon with the names of the musicians who refuse to work with the company until they stop working for I.C.E. When Amazon released information about a free music festival, the digital rights organization Fight for the Future launched a “No Music for I.C.E.” campaign, urging artists to boycott the company.

The reason many don’t like Amazon’s connection to I.C.E. isn’t just because they assist them, but also because of what I.C.E. does. It’s a government-led program that detains immigrants, puts them on trial, then sends them back to their countries. Under the leadership of President Trump, I.C.E. has split apart many families, often separating children from their parents. The detained are then taken to unclean, disease filled camps and fed little food.

Since the uproar, Amazon shoppers have been persuaded to refrain from participating in any Amazon related event, including Prime Day. If Amazon doesn’t break their connection to I.C.E. soon, next year’s sales could be in danger.

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