How to Drive Safe in the Snow

December 2, 2019

It is a winter wonderland outside, but a nightmare on the road. The only con to the festive season is the frigid cold and the slick, dangerous asphalt. The first snow of the year fell on Monday, Nov. 11, and by the next day, the high school parking lot transformed into an ice skating rink. With the cold season quickly making its debut, here are a few tips to stay safe on the roads. 

#1: Accelerate and Decelerate slowly. Don’t slam on your breaks or gas; if you do this, you will either slide or spin your tires. If you gradually speed up or slow down, your tires can keep their traction leaving you safe and in control. 

#2: If you are sliding on ice, turn your wheel in the opposite direction. If you’re sliding left, turn the wheel right to counteract it and vice versa. However, be careful to not over-correct because it can cause you to lose control.

#3: Control your speed. In any severe weather, you are safer when the speed is decreased. Plan ahead for extra travel time, which allows you to take your time on the road.

#4: If you don’t have to stop, then don’t. Breaking and accelerating improperly often instigates a loss of control, so if you can gradually apply the brakes and roll through a stoplight while maintaining a safe distance from everyone around you, do it. 

#5: Don’t gas it, especially on hills. If you’re struggling to climb up a hill, going full throttle is just going to spin your tires. 

#6: Look ahead. The worse it gets outside, the further ahead you need to look. Assess your surroundings and leave yourself plenty of breaking time. 

#7: Stay inside if you can. If school is delayed or canceled, then you probably shouldn’t be driving around town. Stay inside and stay safe. 

The next time you’re driving in the snowy, icy weather, remember these tips to keep safe!

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