Australia Is Burning

February 25, 2020

For six months, Australia has burned. Hundreds of thousands of families have been forced out of their homes. On New Year’s Eve, many sought refuge on beaches to escape the raging fires.

Starting in late July of 2019, more than 17 million acres and 12,000 homes have been destroyed due to the raging brush fires. An estimated 1 billion animals have died leaving a lasting impact on Australia’s ecosystem. Small brush fires are common because of Australia’s hot, dry climate, but every state has been affected by this ongoing issue. Luckily, around 2,000 people across the country have volunteered to lend a hand against the seemingly endless burning.

This week, Australia’s largest city, Sydney, had its prayers answered by a downpour of rain, putting out many deadly fires. Parts of New-South Wales, an area containing some of the deadliest fires, has been hit with storms as well. People worldwide have rejoiced, and more showers are expected to come. Residents and animals both were seen splashing in puddles, and many called the downpour a “beautiful sight.”

Many wildfires, Australia’s included, derive from not only natural occurrences but human actions as well; it is important to stop and think about how your actions might affect someone or something else. All it takes is just one person to start a chain of events that may result in irreversible damage.

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