The Scoop Opens


Emma Allen

Photo of The Scoop ice cream shop in Maritinsville, Indiana “Open” sign.

March 1st, at 1 P.M., the Inside Scoop will be officially open for business! They will be serving all the favorites with some new monthly additions from 1-9 P.M.

Tonight, the “Scoop” will open at 6 p.m. for a “test and taste.” Soft serve, flurries, shakes, and hand-dipped ice cream will all be free. If the temperature is too cold to sit on the picnic benches, they have an easily accessible drive-thru.

Since it opened in 1987, the “Scoop” has been an experience itself. You will see friendly workers who are always ready to give a warm smile and dish out cold, sweet ice-cream to customers. Now closing later in the season and opening earlier, owner John McGauley said, “[It’s] never too early for some ice-cream!”