Palm trees, tropical plants, are found in several of these vacation spots. (Morgan Payne)
Palm trees, tropical plants, are found in several of these vacation spots.

Morgan Payne

Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

March 12, 2020

10.) Playa del Carmen

Near the coast in Mexico, Playa del Carmen is a place like no other! It has beautiful tropical beaches and crystal clear waters and is located along Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya.

9.) Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a spot on the Gulf Coast where the beach has pure white sand. Many people enjoy the marine activities Panama City has to offer, and the sunsets are gorgeous! 

8.) Punta Cana

Punta Cana is known best for its 19-mile long beach. If you love the beach and getting a good tan, this would be the perfect place for you to relax.

7.) Jamaica 

Jamaica is yet another popular spot for its beaches. With blue waters and white, soft sand, this beach could relax anyone. It is also a place for people who love to go explore nature and get a breath of fresh air.

6.) Puerto Vallarta

If you are a night owl, you may want to look into Puerto Vallarta, a city in Mexico. It is a lively place with people who like to party and have fun.

5.) Cabo San Lucas

Soaking in the sun and listening to music while enjoying the view makes Cabo San Lucas in Baja, California sound like a dream. It is very decadent with its turquoise waters and lively nights that attract many people to this location.

4.) Bahamas 

Needless to say, the Bahamas are a very popular place to visit. The caves there are huge and can make you feel like you are in your own magical world. There are many nature-related excursions and historic places to visit that will fill your stay with fun, and you may even learn a thing or two! 

3.) South Padre Island 

South Padre Island is where you go if you want to participate in many activities to keep you on your toes instead of taking it easy. There are countless beach/pool parties and inexpensive lodging that will make your stay even better.

2.) Miami 

Miami is in the lower part of Florida, and its white sand beaches are very popular. The Everglades make your journey to Miami even better because you may get to see some unusual animals!

1.) Cancun 

Like many other locations on the list, Cancun is known for its beaches. Many cruise ships stop here because of its unique offerings: it is home to ancient Mayan ruins, a part of the seven wonders of the world.


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