Anders’ foot prints that were taken promptly after he was born.
Anders’ foot prints that were taken promptly after he was born.

Mr. Sturgeon’s Baby

March 12, 2020

About nine months ago, one of our high school teachers received news he never thought he would hear. Fast forward to now, and Mr. Sturgeon, one of Martinsville High School’s most respected and well-loved teachers, has become a father to a baby boy. Mr. Chris Sturgeon and Mrs. Polly Sturgeon brought Anders Paul Sturgeon into the world on Wednesday, February 14 at 1:27 A.M. 

Mr. Sturgeon said the thing he enjoys most about having Anders, who was a happy surprise, is simply looking at him and imagining the kind of future they will have together. “I really enjoy just thinking about who he is and what kind of person he will become,” said Sturgeon. 

He claimed he has “never been more proud” of his wife, and his biggest piece of advice, as a significant other, is to make sure you are fully supporting the person going through labor. Adjusting to their new sleep schedule has been the most difficult thing to deal with so far, but, overall, the new parents are doing well, and we wish them all the best with the newest addition to their little family!

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