A person holds their hand out, trying to keep from getting the Coronavirus. (https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/i-would-not-go-to-china-says-b-c-resident-concerned-about-coronavirus-1.4782054)

Corona Virus Closes Schools

March 13, 2020

Corona is headed our way, and the students and teachers at Martinsville High School are doing their best to prepare for the worst. In these last few days, the sickness has been getting progressively worse, making Martinsville families very worried. Dr. Jay Arthur sent out an announcement on the evening of March 12th informing parents and students of the upcoming school closure. This closure will begin on March 16th and go all the way up to spring break; in total, students will be out of the school for two weeks, including the break. Teachers here at MHS have been getting paperwork ready and preparing online lessons for the week. This will be the first real use of e-learning since getting the Chromebooks. The work will be due as usual, and teachers will be expecting students to finish their work daily. As of now, after spring break will be business as usual, and we will be back in the halls of MHS. Have a great spring break, but remember…be safe, and wash your hands!

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