The Coronavirus viewed under a microscope seeing what the virus really looks like. (
The Coronavirus viewed under a microscope seeing what the virus really looks like.

Myths and Facts of the Coronavirus

April 28, 2020

By now, everyone has heard about the infamous Coronavirus. There are many myths and rumors being told that are simply not true, though.

The first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported in Wuhan, China, on December 31, 2019. Since then, the virus has spread to over 180 countries in the world, including the United States. This has sent countries into a panic. The virus may be scary because it is new, but you should not believe everything you hear.

We can start with a myth about the virus: some people believe if you are of Asian ethnicity, you automatically have a higher chance of getting the virus, but this is not true at all. The Coronavirus can infect anyone and it does not target a specific race.  

With the idea of the virus originating from China, people fear that it is not safe for them to order things from China. The Coronavirus, like most other viruses, does not stay on objects for very long.  This means that by the time you get a package from China, if the virus did live on it, it no longer does.

People who are close to someone with Coronavirus are more likely to get the disease – this is true. To avoid getting the Coronavirus, like any other virus, make sure to follow basic sanitary actions such as washing your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds or longer, avoid touching your nose and eyes, and covering your coughs or sneezes with your elbow.

People are trying to make home medleys in order to cure the virus.  For instance, some have tried gurgling and swallowing bleach, taking steroids, and using essential oils. This is not a very smart thing to do, and none of these have proven to prevent or stop the virus. You can refer to the prior paragraph for the proper things to do in order to reduce the chance of you getting the virus.

The known symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Contrary to what the majority of people say, you should not go to the doctor. Instead, set up a video call with your doctor. The worst thing to do is spread it to more people, especially if they already have a compromised immune system.

Another rumor going around is that a mask will prevent you from getting the virus. The masks that people wear on the streets are not tight enough and will still let droplets of moisture into the nose and mouth. The masks are only supposed to be used by the people that actually are sick; they prevent infected people from spreading it, but not healthy people from getting it.

People are also buying mass amounts of certain items.  In many cities toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, food, and cases of water are being stripped from the stores by frantic shoppers. 

Some believe that Coronavirus was created by China or the United States government, which is not true either because viruses change over time.  More often than not, animals carry a virus that, if eaten, will give the human the virus; the Coronavirus is no different. 

If you do get Coronavirus, it is not a death sentence. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention says, this virus has around a two percent death rate. Around eighty one percent catch a mild case.  

You cannot believe everything you hear. The Coronavirus may be scary, because there is still a lot to learn about it. This is a very serious pandemic, but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to self-quarantine as much as possible, you have a better chance of not getting infected with the Coronavirus.


2 Responses to “Myths and Facts of the Coronavirus”

  1. shelley on April 28th, 2020 12:55 pm

    Good info, Levi. I learned some things I didn’t know by reading this.

  2. Leslie on April 28th, 2020 1:09 pm

    If the masks are to be used by those that are sick then why do so many people and employees of certain businesses insist on wearing them? I had read that before and each time I need to go into a place it’s the old question, “To mask or not to mask?”

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