Principal Misty Ndiritu in front of the Front Office with students (Emma Allen)
Principal Misty Ndiritu in front of the Front Office with students

Emma Allen

Martinsville High School’s New Principal

October 8, 2020

For the 2020-2021 school year, Martinsville High School welcomed a new principal, Misty Ndiritu (DAY-REE-TOE). Ms. Ndiritu has come a long way to be in the position she is now. 

When Ndiritu was a highschool student herself, she participated in many clubs and sports. She played volleyball and soccer and did track and field. She was a part of the marching band, National Honors Society, Spanish Club, and some academic teams. 

Ndiritu went to Manchester University and University of Cheltenham in England for her Master and Ball state for college. She led Shape Club for her major, volunteered in her community, taught homeschooled students, and was active in Brethren Colleges Abroad as a student and a mentor. She also served as the Indiana student president of IAHPERD (Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) and was able to represent Indiana at many national levels. 

During Ndiritu’s free time, she often takes her three children, Matava, Enzi, and Moseh to the park. She and her family love to travel and take international trips. She likes taking road trips with her family to places. She also enjoys listening to music and going to concerts and sporting events. 

Before working at MHS, Ms. Ndiritu taught in Lafayette, Indiana, at a k-8th grade building. After that, she began her coursework for her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and took her first principal position at New Community School. 

She moved to Indianapolis and taught at Manual High School for a year and eventually transitioned to the Dean of Operations role. Ndiritu climbed up the ladder and later became the principal. Soon after, she was offered the opportunity to assist with a school in Nashville, TN. Ndiritu kept her current job and went to Nashville three days a week. 

After her time split between two states, she transitioned to the Leader of Manual High School, TC Howe High School, and Emma Donnan Middle and Elementary School. 

While she worked for IPS, she oversaw those four schools. These schools  were part of a take over the process of the State Board of Education. 

As Ndiritu was looking to transition schools, she searched for schools that were embedded in their communities. She knew that she was looking to lead a high school. As she was searching with those two things in mind, she came across the vacancy here at MHS and started the application process.

Immediately, Ndiritu felt a connection with the school and the community. She was excited that academics and athletics were a huge part of the school’s culture. She loves sitting in the stands watching Friday night football games just as much as she loves going to academic decathlon. 

Ndiritu believes that student success is rooted in opportunity and support. She wants to ensure that the needs of the student body are met by offering courses, co-curriculars, and extracurriculars that represent the students and appeal to them. 

She knows that success looks different for every student and wants to make sure that she is allowing students to explore different areas of study while in high school. Being able to communicate openly with students helps her understand students’ needs and interests. 

For Ndiritu, this year has been the most stressful since she has had to plan for the safety of the students and staff due to covid. She always focuses on giving as many opportunities as she can for students to succeed and have fun, but this year will be extremely limited on what we can do as a school and as a community. 

Ndiritu loves upholding school traditions. She enjoys seeing students participate in school events whether they be athletic or academic. As a principal, she likes to see students explore and participate in events and activities that will create so many memories. 

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