A computer with internet issues
A computer with internet issues

Internet Issues

January 7, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, especially in the school system. In order to keep themselves safe, high school students now spend a lot of time at home instead of at school. At home, students do not have the necessary supplies, solitude, or focus for eLearning, but there is one issue in which some students find themselves entangled: internet connection. 

Many would think that students could go to public places like the library or Starbucks for WiFi, but, with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, these places are starting to shut down to the public. In addition, some students cannot drive or find transportation to these spaces. 

The schools are trying to help out these students by extending the WiFi out to the parking lots where students can come and download their assignments in the morning and turn them in in the afternoon. Unfortunately, some issues still remain with this system because of transportation, download ability of assignments, memory on the computer/Chromebooks, etc. 

One student who constantly struggles with internet issues shared his experiences. He lives in a place where no internet providers support. He is able to use his parents’ phone hotspot at home, but has to share with his siblings. Sometimes, he goes with his mother to work and uses the WiFi there. This student makes do with his situation, but it’s definitely not ideal.

The wind, weather, and other things sometimes affect people’s internet causing students to go a few hours without being able to complete any work. Some students have some internet access at home, but it’s spotty and inconsistent. This definitely is not as bad as suffering from no access at all, but it is an inconvenience.

The quick spread of COVID-19 has caused multiple issues in everyone’s lives, ranging from illness to a hindrance to education. Hopefully, the future holds better luck for those who suffer from internet issues and the return to the school buildings will be hasty. 

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