This is a picture of a 2020 sign with string lights in the background. (
This is a picture of a 2020 sign with string lights in the background.

Finding The Good In 2020

January 8, 2021

Since a lot of attention was shed on all of the bad things that happened last year, in 2021, Breaking Blue has decided to shine a light on all of the great things that happened:

  1. Crayola produced a new crayon box full of the different skin colors of the world.
  2. NASA named its Washington D.C. headquarters after their first Black female engineer, Mary W. Jackson.
  3. For the first time in 23 seasons, ABC cast their first Black male lead in “The Bachelor”.
  4. A 103-year-old woman beat COVID-19.
  5. There’s is a presidential election coming up!
  6. Three men were saved from the Pacific Islands by writing S.O.S. in the sand.
  7. Lego is launching braille bricks.
  8. Beer that was not sold during quarantine, in Australia, is now being used as renewable energy.
  9. Africa is free of wild poliovirus.
  10. 2,000-year-old redwoods survived the Northern California fires.
  11. An Ohio man built a nut bar for squirrels in his backyard.
  12. Over 250 million trees were planted in India.
  13. A glove that translates ASL to speech was invented.
  14. Alyssa Nakken made history as the first woman to coach on the field during a major league game (MLB).
  15. A boy with cerebral palsy completed a marathon.
  16. Coffee Chain “Dutch Bros” donated all of their April profits to first responders.
  17. A malfunction at an Italian winery caused wine to leak through the town’s pipes and faucets.
  18. Terri Bryant launched a makeup line that is specifically designed to help those with Parkinson’s apply makeup more easily.
  19. Netflix launched “Netflix Party,” a way to stream with friends online.
  20. Thirty thousand pounds of leftover food, from the Super Bowl, was donated to five shelters in Southern Florida.
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