Covid Vending Machines

February 12, 2021

The students of the University of California have a quicker and easier way to get the coronavirus test than a lot of others. On the campus, there are vending machines that dispense the test. The campus has 11 vending machines that are open to the students and staff all week.

The school installed the machines on January 7, 2021. The users conduct their own nasal swab test, and they have to return the test back to the machine within 72 hours. The on-campus students have an app where they can scan their test and receive their results when they are ready. The school’s precautionary steps are not voluntary for students or staff; students must take a test at least once every ten days, and employees who work on-campus have to get a screening.

While a test requires taking a sample of cells from either a person’s nose or mouth to see if they are sick, a screening is a daily survey to see if a person has any symptoms that could be caused by the coronavirus.

The test is free to the students and staff. University of California freshman Andy Goodman told the news station in San Diego that he was “uncomfortable” with the new testing system, but, “after doing it a bunch of times, [he] got used to it.” Sophomore Citlaly Magana told KGTV that her last coronavirus test was “[her] 20th time since [she’s] been [there].” Students who do not abide by the rules face disciplinary action.

Some schools are taking steps, such as the ones discussed above, to ensure their students’ safety, and the University of California seems to be one of the forefront leaders.

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