Some of the earrings made by CoolCreationsByVinny and JustEarTingz. (Emma Allen )
Some of the earrings made by CoolCreationsByVinny and JustEarTingz.

Emma Allen

Student Small Businesses: Earring Extravaganza

March 10, 2021

Students have found many ways to express themselves. Some have even used their creativity to make fun items that they then sell online.

Former MHS student Ash Olsen and current MHS student Vincentia Thatcher are two students who have started their own businesses selling earrings within the past six months. Both Ash and Vincentia enjoyed making these earrings before they decided to utilize them as a way to gain some extra cash.

Both entrepreneurs have fun and creative names for their small businesses. Ash’s, JustEarTingz came from the way he constantly said “just earrings.” As well as Vincentia’s, CoolCreationsByVinny came from a bout of creative indecisiveness. Both continue to use Etsy as their platform in order to sell their fun earrings.

Both creators have put so much time, effort, and money into creating their products and marketing them. Despite both being in the earring business, the two have a unique array of items.

Ash offers earrings ranging from plastic spiders and bowling pins, to his personal favorite: “happy pill” (plastic pills with smiley faces drawn on) earrings. Vincentia has a few LGBTQ+ pride items in her shop as well as adorable boba drinks. They both use other fun, unconventional things to incorporate into their earrings.

Of course there are struggles with starting a small business. Because they just started their businesses, Ash and Vincentia have been lacking in the sales department. According to Ash, “The most challenging part of owning a small business is not getting discouraged when you first start because it can be hard to get orders.” Despite this, they continue on, and try to remain positive. Vincentia said, “I know that it takes time, but it gets discouraging when I put all of this time, effort, and money into creating things and get very little out of it.”

Despite the lack of sales, these young business people work hard to put something fun out into the world while helping themselves along the way. Vincentia even makes it into a positive thing as it makes each sale that much more special. She said, “Every time I get a notification on my phone that someone has placed an order, I get super excited. I make the earrings, then the packaging, and then I add a few extra goodies in!”

Though their businesses are still young, the two aspiring entrepreneurs continue to make cute and creative accessories for their customers. Go help out your fellow students and check out their shops. They can be found at CoolCreationsByVinny and JustEarTingz.

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