Fashion Forward

September 16, 2021

This fall, designers are trying to create the “new” roaring 20’s. Fashion has changed forever and so have the consumers. While being apart and alone they have tapped into their own style. With the help of bloggers, tiktokers, and fashion icons of course. This is a fashion column brought to you by yours truly Quincee Collier. We will talk about new trends, the classics, and everything in between. 

We still have sometime before fall officially makes an appearance, though we all know fashion moves fast. This year I want to be ready and open to different things. This upcoming season, be prepared to see fun and bold prints, bright colors, and coats to pull the whole look together.

The first thing to talk about is obviously the color pallet for fall. Though this isn’t a new color, she is definitely coming and be prepared for her to stay. Lilac! This will be known as one of the new classics. It has always been one of my favorites. It looks beautiful on every skin color. A lilac cardigan with light blue mom jeans will be your new favorite and most effortless look. 

Sweater vest. That’s all I need to say. Most people have already known about this trend and they are rocking it. This is a must have, let me break it down. Fall equals layers. If you are missing that extra thing to really pull your look together, start with a sweater vest.  A comfy cable knit will always be perfect. My favorite way to layer a sweater vest is to wear black slacks, white button up and just any sweater vest. This will look great with an oversized or even tighter fitting vest.

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