A parking lot at night (MHS Photographer)
A parking lot at night

MHS Photographer

The Perfect Moment In Time

October 20, 2021

There have been multiple moments that I thought were perfect:
The moment when we were high-fiving trees on the way back from the spillway.
The moment when you surprised me with flowers and candy.
The moment when you told me everything was okay after the crash.
The moment when you laid your head on my chest and told me what you felt.


I thought all of those moments were perfect until one specific night in that church parking lot.
Time froze at that moment.
I saw your true and raw emotions at that moment.
I laughed at that moment.
I cried at that moment.


There will be many more moments with you.
Good moments.
Bad moments.
Happy moments.
And sad moments.
But that one specific moment in that rainy church parking lot in front of the warm headlights is and will forever be frozen in my mind as,
The perfect moment in time.

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