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January 11, 2022

Dance Marathon, created in 1991 by students who attended Indiana University, is a movement that was created due to the tragic death of Ryan White. Dance Marathon consists of year-round fundraising to help the children of Riley Hospital. Being a very successful charity, last year alone they raised $11.7 million. They are a part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are hospitals such as Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. There are 170 of these hospitals across North America. These hospitals work very hard to take care of their patients, but unfortunately, the patients are not always able to cover the cost. This is where nonprofit organizations, like Dance Marathon, come into play. Every dollar raised goes straight to the children and helps them cover the cost of their medical bills.

Many are surprised that Dance Marathon is run by students due to the fact that it is such a successful non-profit that has been thriving for the past 30 years. Students come up with events, sponsors, fundraisers, and more. So far, they have raised a total of $300 million! The most successful year they had was in 2016 when they raised $32.4 million

Another amazing part of Dance Marathon is how much of an impact it has made and continues to make despite how fun it is.

Senior Madelyn Stantz said, “Being a part of Dance Marathon has made me a better person. Being able to support Riley Kids through fun and unique experiences is a great feeling.”

Another senior said, “Knowing that the money we raise during our events goes to help the kids of Riley Children’s Hospital is so rewarding.”

Despite being such a successful organization, they can never have too many donations. Every cent helps. If you would like to donate, you can participate in the smaller events. For instance, Dance Marathon often sells candy and drinks during school events. They also ask the crowds for donations during school sporting events. Once a date is set for the “big event,” an event where everyone comes together to have fun and support the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital; they will have a site set up where you can donate.

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